Questions? I have answers.

Not sure what a Family Documentary Session is?  I will *literally* join your real life – and not change a thing.

Is it a school day that starts off with everyone rolling out of bed at the last minute? You’re trying to pack lunches into backpacks while your kids try to get a few bites of breakfast in before running out the door to catch the bus? Sounds like our mornings! I’m in!

Or maybe you’ve been running around too much and want to have a quiet day at home making cookies and playing your family’s favorite games? PERFECT!

Planning to pack a cooler and hit the beach to see who can dig the biggest hole in the sand? I’ll pack my bathing suit and sunscreen too!

You live life the way you always do. The only difference is that I’ll be there to take pictures of everything that unfolds. I won’t pose or prompt you, and you don’t have to wear any special clothes. The only requirement is just being your awesome, everyday selves.

I promise – this will be the most relaxed and stressless photo experience that you will ever have.

Worried that your house is too cluttered to be photographed?  Think again.
The purpose of a Family Documentary Session is to capture what your life looks like right now so you can honor the season your family is in. Things like a counter full of school papers, legos covering the floor, random craft supplies scattered over the dining room table, and your children’s art wallpapering your walls and refrigerator, just add to the story – your story!
Your days already feel so full, so you’re nervous to commit to a day-long session?  I get it.

I’m a parent too. As parents our days are full and sometimes (or a lot of times) overloaded with driving to/from activities, school fundraisers, homework, papers to sign and return to school, not to mention making sure your children are fed, showered, and dressed! Trust me when I say that me being with your family will NOT feel like another “to do.” I wouldn’t do that to you. You work to dang hard!

Go about your day as you normally would, and I’ll catch all the good stuff that you sometimes miss when checking off your list.

Concerned your kids will have a meltdown or misbehave?  Don’t worry about it!

That’s real life, right?

Did your son just slam the iPad down after you told him screen time was over? Are your kids hurling awful names at each other? Did your youngest just “accidentally” bite your oldest in the back in the middle of the grocery store? (My youngest actually did that…for real. And she still, five years later, is standing firm that it was an accident.)

I know it’s sometimes easier said than done, but really…don’t worry about it. Please also don’t be alarmed if I continue to shoot through these times as these challenging moments are a part of real family life too!

You’re interested, but curious about your session options?  Let me tell you then…

I offer three types of documentary photo sessions – Adventure, Half Day, and Full Day.

Adventure Sessions are three-hours and are limited to Massachusetts only. We take off to someplace fun, and I photograph all those amazing family memories.

Half Day Sessions are six hours and can take place at your home, a special family spot or both! I’ll capture all that unfolds and show you that the ordinary everyday is anything BUT ordinary.

Full Day Sessions are 12 hours. Every family has their own unique story, and this session will capture the unabridged version.

Will you receive digitals from your session?  Yup, you will.
All session collections include digital images along with prints or an album. Digitals will be delivered via your online photo gallery. A couple clicks and they are downloaded right to your computer. Easy peasy!
You don’t live in Massachusetts and wondering if I travel?  I do!
I’ve lived in Massachusetts all my life, and although I have traveled to many parts of New England, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE exploring this beautiful area. Let me know where you live as pricing could be affected.
Your husband/partner/spouse hasn’t enjoyed being photographed in the past?  Well, that’s about to change.
Most husbands/partners/spouses who are uncertain about traditional photo sessions, LOVE documentary sessions because they don’t have to do a single thing to prepare. They also won’t be put into any poses or prompted to do something that feels unnatural. Your partner just needs to show up in whatever they want to wear and be 100% themselves. That’s it. What’s more natural than that?!
Should you book a Family Documentary Session?  I might be a little biased, but YES!

Your day-to-day life is filled with the moments that you will most want to remember years from now. Being woken up by a little finger repeatedly poking you in the face, your family sitting around the kitchen table playing a ridiculously loud game of Old Maid (no one can ever keep it a secret when the Old Maid card switches hands), and cramming yourself into your child’s crib when they are under the weather.

The images from your session will serve as a reminder of how hilarious, endearing and beautiful your everyday life really is.

More questions? Message me!