Hi, I’m Christine.

I’m a documentary family photographer living in central Massachusetts. Since my photography is all about being real and honest, here are some real and honest things about me…

I have two feisty girls that keep me on my toes and perpetually exhausted.  I have a patient husband who I am so in love with, and knows when this Mama needs to tap out of this parenting gig for a few minutes…or hours…or for the day.  He also is super understanding (sometimes) when I make expensive purchases without telling him.  Speaking of purchases, I have bought way too many tote bags in my quest for the perfect one.  If anyone has any recommendations, though, please let me know as the search is still ongoing.  Lastly, if I were waiting behind you in the check-out line and I liked your shirt, shoes, or even how you did your hair, I would tell you…and then I may ask you follow-up questions like “Where did you get it?” and “Did you buy it recently?”.  (Yeah, I really do do this, and it makes my husband laugh every.single.time.)

Asking my kids to wear certain clothes or pose for my camera just never felt right for them or me, so I stopped.  I embraced us being us and discovered that our story and our life “as is” is pretty awesomely beautiful.

You and your family’s “as is” is pretty amazing too.  Let me show you